Disney’s Moana and Restoring the Divine Feminine

The divine feminine is often missing from Christianity altogether; God and Jesus are male, as the Holy Spirit isn’t ever directly referred to as feminine. Eve’s femininity had to come from somewhere … and that’s the part of God that we have failed to honor.

Have you seen Disney’s Moana? It’s the story of a strong young woman (who will one day be the chief of her people!) who sets out on a journey to restore balance to the world by returning the stolen heart of the goddess Te Fiti. Not only is this the story of a vibrant female heroine who sets the course of her own destiny, but it’s also the story a young woman of color, AND there is no love interest in sight. Thank you, Disney, for showcasing diversity and doing your best to change the typical female character narrative. We need more of that, so keep it up!

I was watching Moana for the second time yesterday, and I became captivated by the pivotal moment in the movie when Moana realized that Te Kā, the evil volcano demon, is actually the goddess Te Fiti, who became corrupted when her…

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