Complementarians tell me that the pre-fall gender roles was glorious perfect headship and flawless submission. They tell me that sin distorted them. Men still had headship, but they were harsh or passive. Women still had to submit but they were usurpers or doormats. Then Jesus turned back the curses and restored the roles. Men had […]

Keeping Order in Order

Yesterday I borrowed a scene from Star Trek Deep Space Nine, an episode called Accession to point out that if we truly believed that hierarchies were the foundation of every human relationship, we’d create a system and vocabulary to articulate it and expectations to live it out. It involves viewing everyone as either your servant […]

Everything’s Order

While studying creation order, I learned that authority and submission is part of the very nature of God; one that he imprinted upon humanity in the form of our relationships. Just as the Father has authority over the Son and the Holy Spirit and the Son submits to the Father and has authority over the […]

God’s Image, Man’s Glory

Creation Order teachings aren’t a clear-cut series of verses; rather, they are a collection of verses from different letters to create an idea. It can be used to interpret itself to arrive at any conclusion; for example, my friends at the Head Covering Movement concluded that: “Paul says why women must have a have a […]