When it comes to finding a church in this area – there are two deal-breakers that we look out for: hymns as worship music and an emphasis on Complementarianism. It seems like every church we run into is either hymn-singing or currently teaching on Complementarianism, usually both. It’s getting ridiculous really. The other day, we […]

Fortunate Favorites

My brothers and sisters, believers in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ must not show favoritism… – James 2:1 It’s no secret that Christianity favors married families with children over everyone else. Even in small churches, there’s always time to run Vacation Bible School so that parents get a break for a few hours for a […]

The Single Problem

The doctrine of Complementarianism is a major one, so much so it must be considered as supremely important and made to apply in all situations – as an all-encompassing belief that reigns over everyone in every conceivable situation. I see two sides to this coin, gender and status. Here’s why – the Koine Greek word […]