Covering Headship

Earlier this month, Mortification of Spin featured a guest post asking: “Is it Okay to teach a Complementarianism Based on Eternal Subordination?” It didn’t take long for the conversation to be picked up and for responses to be written by far more capable people than I. But in all of this, the headcovering verses that […]

The Single Problem

The doctrine of Complementarianism is a major one, so much so it must be considered as supremely important and made to apply in all situations – as an all-encompassing belief that reigns over everyone in every conceivable situation. I see two sides to this coin, gender and status. Here’s why – the Koine Greek word […]

Signs of an Abusive Partner

You would think that any organization bent on match-making would thoroughly educate it’s members in what to look for as a warning side of potential trouble. I find that with Christianity, people are pretty much left to their own devices – which might explain some of the difficulties they face. For one, I don’t remember […]