God and the fullness of gender

This is something that complementarianism can miss about God, how their ideas about gender tend to create a separation. What if God is more like chocolate milk – such a completely thorough mix of male and female that there’s no point in parting one from the other?


2 thoughts on “God and the fullness of gender

  1. “What if God is more like chocolate milk”

    What is wrong with you? Are you a man trying to be a woman or vice versa? I know that there is something in your life that’s off and it has to do with your identity. God appeared as a man (Jesus), He calls God His Father and the Holy Spirit has masculine pronouns “He.” You are rejecting the revelation f God that’s found in the Scriptures. You are very dangerous.

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    1. In which case, Eve’s femininity is a foreign entity separate from what’s essential about God’s revealed masculine character. She is something that God is not, and therefore outside of what makes God God in the way that Men are like God in their masculinity.
      What I’m saying is that you cannot separate God’s femininity from God’s masculinity anymore than you can Jesus’ human-nature from Jesus’ God-nature, or particles of chocolate from milk.

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