Everything’s Order

While studying creation order, I learned that authority and submission is part of the very nature of God; one that he imprinted upon humanity in the form of our relationships. Just as the Father has authority over the Son and the Holy Spirit and the Son submits to the Father and has authority over the […]

God’s Image, Man’s Glory

Creation Order teachings aren’t a clear-cut series of verses; rather, they are a collection of verses from different letters to create an idea. It can be used to interpret itself to arrive at any conclusion; for example, my friends at the Head Covering Movement concluded that: ‚ÄúPaul says why women must have a have a […]

Ten reasons: Number Eleven

The author does leave a footnote mentioning that he believes in an eleventh reason why headship existed before the fall: “that woman was created ‘from’ or ‘out of’ man.” One tradition hold’s that Adam’s first wife, Lilith was created at the same time and of the same earth that Adam was made from. She refused […]

Ten reasons: The parallel with the Trinity (Part 2)

We see from these passages then that the idea of headship and submission within a personal relationship did not begin with the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood in 1987. Nor did it begin with some writings of the apostle Paul in the first century. Nor did it begin with a few patriarchal men in […]

Ten reasons: The parallel with the Trinity (Part 1)

The author has moved onto his tenth, but not final reason for why he believes that headship existed in the Garden of Eden before the fall: The parallel with the Trinity: The equality, differences, and the unity between men and women reflect the equality, differences, and unity in the Trinity. Though I list this here […]

Ten reasons: the mystery

The author elaborates on his ninth reason to prove headship existed before the fall: The mystery: Marriage from the beginning of Creation was a picture of the relationship between Christ and the church. When the apostle Paul discusses marriage and wishes to speak of the relationship between husband and wife, he does not look back […]

Ten Reasons: The restoration

The author has decided to prove headship existed before the fall by looking at what happened at and after the fall. It’s a lot like trying to save the free market system by abandoning the free market principles. He has to step outside of Genesis’ time-frame entirely – removing it from it’s time and place […]

Ten Reasons: The conflict

The author has moved onto his seventh reason to prove that headship existed before the fall by comparing and contrasting the changes that took place at the fall. He says: “The conflict – The curse brought a distortion of previous roles, not the introduction of new roles. After Adam and Eve sinned, God spoke the […]

Ten Reasons: The purpose

The author continues his quest to prove headship before the fall by citing his sixth reason: The purpose: Eve was created as a helper for Adam, not Adam as a helper for Eve. After God had created Adam and given him directions concerning his life in the Garden of Eden, we read, “Then the Lord […]

Ten Reasons: The Primary Acountability

The fifth reason the author gives to prove headship existed before the fall is: “The primary accountability: God spoke to Adam first after the fall … Even though Eve had sinned first, God first summoned Adam to give account for what had happened in his family. Adam was the one primarily accountable … An analogy […]