Jerusalem’s Council and Nashville’s Statement

I can’t help but think that this has all happened before. It was thousands of years ago in one of the more contentious capitals of Rome’s far-flung empire. A fledgling Christianity was in turmoil. Gentiles, of all people, appeared to be flocking to the faith. Some believed that they ought to be circumcised in order […]


Thecla’s story begins at her window. She listens from her window to the speaker whose been invited to her neighbor’s house – Paul of Tarsus. For three days and nights she’s fascinated by the things that she’s heard – so much so that she won’t go to eat or drink or attend to her usual […]

Serving Single Christians: Acknowleding Failure

Swimming against the tide is never easy. It’s tiring and can make you feel that you aren’t making very much progress. In a marriage-obsessed Christianity, being a single Christian is swimming against the tide … and it’s being invisible. Statistically, in the states, the number of people who are single slightly outnumber the married couples […]