Giving as Good as You Get

Christianity molded me in somebody who is non-confrontational: call me names – really say something insulting, question my honor, my parentage, get down-right mean and use a few expletives – and I really have no response for that. I’m told that until I “grow a backbone” and “stand up for myself” people will just walk […]

How legitimate is Christian Head-covering?

Just today, I saw that the ACLU (an obviously evil organization who hates Christians by requiring all those pesky ten commandments be taken down from public spaces) had filed a suit on behalf of a Christian woman who was required to remover her head covering to take her driver’s license photo. This can only be […]

Stronger Sisters and Weaker Brothers

1 Corinthians 8 talks about food sacrificed to idols. The Corinthian church was infamous for it’s in-fighting and divisions, it’s unfairness and inequality, it’s acceptance of sinning sinners and the sins they sin, among other things. If there was a church that didn’t get anything right, that is, if they got anything right at all, […]