How legitimate is Christian Head-covering?

Just today, I saw that the ACLU (an obviously evil organization who hates Christians by requiring all those pesky ten commandments be taken down from public spaces) had filed a suit on behalf of a Christian woman who was required to remover her head covering to take her driver’s license photo. This can only be […]

On Respectable Head-covering

Protestant/Evangelical Christian Head Covering has always been something I’ve disliked ever since I learned that people have decided to try to resurrect it from it’s death half a century ago. Catholic Veiling, Amish Head Covering, hasn’t been anything I’ve been too worried about as it’s a different tradition and usually I don’t think of it […]

Covering Headship

Earlier this month, Mortification of Spin featured a guest post asking: “Is it Okay to teach a Complementarianism Based on Eternal Subordination?” It didn’t take long for the conversation to be picked up and for responses to be written by far more capable people than I. But in all of this, the headcovering verses that […]

Letters to the Corinthians: Making Very Little Headway

Few passages are more confounding than 1 Corinthians 11:2-16. Growing up, it was always the section that we skipped because the pastor couldn’t make heads nor tails of it. No one who actually read it could wrap their heads around it. Even looking it makes me feel like I’m in over my head. A few […]

What it is Not About

It’s been a few months since I was blocked from The Head Covering Movement for agreeing with someone who suggested that sometimes some people who are pro-Head Covering can lose their perspective because their love for Head Coverings blinds them to Christianity outside of the context of Head Coverings. Take Locks for Love, for example, […]

What It Is About

A response to: One thing that’s enjoyable about dystopian novels and films is that you can imagine and see a world where segregation is problematic. One terrible thing about reality is that we have a way of making fiction seem like a poor shadow of the evils humanity is capable of inflicting on our […]


Coming from a Protestant background – I’ve been predisposed to view tradition as something inherently suspicious. History had shown us how things like tradition could easily steer people away from the reality of the faith. We had heard about indulgences and purgatory and saw that our Bibles didn’t support the idea, so we were duly […]