Chains and Slavery

In an article on “Marital Authority” in Le Correspondant, Mme. COLETTE YVER tells us that — Feminine obedience and masculine authority, belonging to the very nature of men and women, imposed themselves, despite of everything, on the human pair. Civilization and politeness have weakened them in practice, without altering their mutual reactions. In vain will […]

That Poor Dog

There’s nothing like a heartfelt, charming sermon illustration to drive home a Christian point. Jesus knew this when he spoke in parables, talking about farming to farmers and fishing to fishermen; so many pastors have followed his example by talking about things we can all relate to: A pastor once told his congregation, “I learned […]

The 800 lb Gorilla in the Room Must Be Invisible

The Conservative Resurgence/Takeover of the Southern Baptist Convention churches was primarily achieved through establishing one particular valid interpretation of Scripture backed up by the authority of the inerrant, infallible Scriptures. It became a test to divide the orthodox from the heretical school of thoughts, ultimately causing some to leave the denomination altogether. The United Methodist […]