The 800 lb Gorilla in the Room Must Be Invisible

The Conservative Resurgence/Takeover of the Southern Baptist Convention churches was primarily achieved through establishing one particular valid interpretation of Scripture backed up by the authority of the inerrant, infallible Scriptures. It became a test to divide the orthodox from the heretical school of thoughts, ultimately causing some to leave the denomination altogether. The United Methodist Churches had better proceed carefully, for soon it might find itself not only anti-LGBT causes, but also firing all those women in leadership because the one and only valid interpretation of the authoritative, inerrant, and infallible Bible demands it. Which would made the distinction between the two little more than the name of the denomination on the church sign. I’m convinced that the question ought not be “which is the one true interpretation of Scripture”? But “Which one of many possible valid interpretations does the Holy Spirit draw you to?”


As voices within The United Methodist Church (UMC) continue to argue human sexuality, vis-a-vis, homosexuality, they continue to do so while ignoring the proverbial 800 pound gorilla sitting in the middle of the room.  A good example of how some of our more thoughtful UMs miss the most crucial point is exposed a quote from Rev. Jeff Greenway, who led Asbury Theological Seminary while I was matriculating there.  In a piece he wrote explaining  the purpose of the newly formed Wesleyan Covenant Association, a conservative forum for UMs, and offering thoughts on the Council of Bishops’ Commission on a Way Forward, which will try to sort out our issues of human sexuality, Rev. Greenway said (emphasis mine),

“Let me be clear—human sexuality is not the cause of our differences—it is the presenting symptom. The real causes of our division are related to the nature, role and authority of Scripture—the…

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