Having All My Marbles

I bet you didn’t know this, but I have a modest collection of marbles. In fact, my collection contains every single marble that will ever exist. I made them all perfectly crystal clear, but a defect manifested itself by turning them all dark from the inside out. Fortunately, I have some water that can be used to clean them – restore them to brand new condition. I could save each and every one them … if I really wanted to. And I do.
But I’m only going to save some of them, I’m going to use the water and cleanse them. There’s nothing they can do to resist this process because of who I am. And I’ll accomplish what I say I’ll do. These ones that I save will experience the fullest and finest care and love I can lavish upon them. Once I clean them, they will never go dark again – that defect will be completely erased from their core and they will be with me all the time.
The rest – well, they can’t go where I’m going. And there’s only one place where I’m not. The choice is to just cast them in there – or let them choose to go there without any interference on my part other than to lament that they could not be saved. They could not be saved because I won’t save them. Though I could, I really could if I wanted to – but I don’t and so I won’t. I’ll keep this water far away from them. Did I mention that I love them all?
I do this for my own reasons, my own glory, my own honor, and because I’m sovereign. These chosen marbles don’t really deserve for me to save them, but I will because that’s just how much I love them. I felt a little conflicted about the final result of the rest of the marbles. I have the ability to save them all, the power to save them all, there really isn’t no reason why I can’t just save them all – but I won’t. I guess I didn’t really want to save them because if i really did – I can’t think of any reason why I wouldn’t – after all, I’m irresistible. That’s just the kind of marble-loving being that I am.


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