So the other day I was listening to a radio station online and I was intrigued by the first set of lyrics. An approximate translation is something like this:

We are all matches from the same box, some light up early and others take longer to go out, some never catch fire, others fail to spark, some do not have a head for the flame to live, but they all, they all go out, that is the truth!

Metaphors can be quite interesting – but I soon got to wondering; metaphor and simile are both ancient forms of describing what things are like … the Bible is riddled with them. What do you do with them?

I can’t help but wonder if modern Christianity has made the mistake of interpreting certain metaphors and similes literally by making them applicable as a pattern we ought to base our lives on and as a series of instructions to obey. Instead of letting God tell us something about himself, too many try to match themselves up in the pattern and miss the point of it entirely.


2 thoughts on “Matches

  1. Amen!
    I really dislike when Christians define things or strategies or relationships as being “Biblical” or “Unbiblical”.
    Technically, slavery is Biblical. As is rape. It’s all there in the Bible, lol!
    I think we miss the point when we let our own understanding define God. It’s like we refuse to consult God on what is meant in a passage. Which misses the boat entirely! Relationship with God is the whole point of the Bible. It should be the lens through which we read the Bible– or any sacred text for that matter.


    1. I’ve seen how certain circles throw around the word Biblical for just about everything, it seems to lose it’s meaning the more it’s used. I always liked the idea that what Jesus did was initiate a chain reaction meant to put an end to the evils of his day, not sanctify them as something good because they’re mentioned in the Bible.

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